Teurlings Catholic High School holds pro-life rally

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – Teurlings Catholic High School held its 10th biennial Pro-Life Rally Thursday afternoon to show their respect and support for human life.

Through praise and worship, chants, and a rosary, students from six other Catholic schools joined with Teurlings High as they rallied in support of pro-life.

“Just praying for those babies and for those moms who have had abortions, who might be struggling with that decision, so I think it’s just an awesome way to come together as a Catholic community and have a voice,” explained event coordinator, Ramey Badeaux.

“It feels really wonderful knowing that we’re speaking for people who don’t have a voice,” said Teurlings Catholic High student, Samantha Kelly.

Badeaux says usually the rally would include a march from Teurlings High to the diocese, however, due to the weather, all events were held in the school’s gym.

“We started it just because we couldn’t always go to DC for the National March For Life, so we said why not bring it here in our community,” said Badeaux.

It’s a movement that Badeaux says reflects their opposition of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

“Roe Vs. Wade allowed abortion to be legal in the United States, since then people who are pro-life have just tried to pray to do away with abortion clinics and to do away with abortion as a whole,” said Badeaux.

“It’s an important movement, a movement of life of seeking to defend and also stand up for the dignity of all human life,” said Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel of the Diocese of Lafayette.

Guest speakers for the event included Bishop Deshotel, the diocese superintendent, and the statewide pro-life organizer.

Students who participated say they always look forward to the event.

“It builds your faith knowing that you’re doing something to help preserve a life,” said Kelly.

Kelly says the event is always eye-opening as well.

“You learn statistics and you hear stories from people who have had abortions, who are anti-choice, it’s really wonderful,” said Kelly.

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