Lafayette High School students watch historic inauguration of President Trump

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – Students in one Lafayette High School class were able to witness the swearing in of the United States 45th President, Donald Trump.

“I think it went well and I’m glad that I could witness it even though I’m at school,” said Lafayette High Senior, Clairissa Ellinger.

“This is part of American History and everybody ought to be watching it,” said Lafayette High Social Studies teacher, Shari Holleman.

Students inside Holleman’s class spent the entire morning learning all about Inauguration Day as live coverage was streamed in the classroom.

“We’ve been watching it since 7 o’clock this morning, so its really been interesting,” said Holleman. “They’ve gotten the background and all the things that happened.”

Holleman teaches social studies to a majority of senior students. She believes it was important for her students to witness history before she sends them out into the real world.

“Who knows where they’re going to be in four years?,” said Holleman. “They might not be able to watch it again, so we offered them this opportunity.”

It’s an opportunity that some students just couldn’t pass up.

“I actually had students stop me down the hall at lunch asking if they could just randomly come in, so some of these aren’t even mine which I appreciate that, that they’re interested,” said Holleman.

“I feel like it was an important part of history and I’m going to remember it for the rest of my life,” said Ellinger.

Ellinger says she just hopes everyone can have an open mind and remain positive about the road ahead with the new president.

“People my age are generally not taking it seriously enough and they should just be hopeful, and there’s nothing they can do to just like kick him out of office,” said Ellinger.

For Lafayette High senior, Leigh Babineaux, she says she’s just excited to be able to witness another historical inauguration.

“First we had a black president and now we have a president who has never been in politics. I’m sure that will cause some issues, but obviously the people wanted change and we’ll see how that works out,” said Babineaux. “No matter who you voted for this is still going to be the president.”

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