Sweet justice: Haydel’s Bakery truck recovered

(Photo: Thomas, Mandy)

NEW ORLEANS (WWLTV) — Mardi Gras has been saved!

The stolen Haydel’s Bakery truck was recovered Friday morning. According to the bakery, it was found by a security guard in St. Charles Parish after being abandoned in the area. Nothing was stolen from the truck.

To celebrate, Haydel’s Bakery will give customers $2 off the purchase of a king cake on Sunday, Jan. 22, to all customers at all of their locations from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The truck full of “Mardi Gras supplies” was stolen from the Haydel’s Bakery parking lot in Jefferson on Jan. 19. The bakery put out photos of the truck and suspected thief captured by surveillance videos that same morning.

To ensure swift justice, the bakery offered a free king cake every week for a year to the person who recovered the truck.

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