How to tell if your pets are suffering from allergies

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – We’re at the beginning of allergy season and with all of the recent weather changes something as simple as a walk outside could cause your pets symptoms to flare up

Allergy season; when you’re coughing, sneezing and just feel miserable.

It’s a feeling that even your animals can experience.

“What causes it more is, you know, trees and grasses and things blooming in the air, the allergens,” said Banfield Pet Hospital Dr. Laura Sarradet, “Even if your dog isn’t outside for very long or doesn’t even go outside those allergens are microscopic and they come into the home.”

There are several ways to tell if your furry friends have allergies.

“Excessive scratching, licking, especially of the paws even the insides of their back legs even kind of their fannies, all the way to sneezing runny eyes,” said Dr. Sarradet.

If you don’t treat them, it could get worse

“They can actually give themselves staff infections from the excessive chewing that normal bacteria on the skin gets a little out of control,” she said, “Even ear infections as well because the body just becomes generally inflamed and so those ears start reacting and producing more wax and when that happens they usually kind of set up for a yeast or bacterial infection in those ears.”

The constant change in weather could affect your pet’s allergies as well.

“These past couple weeks, I mean you have pollen, flare-ups, and everything’s pollinating and then it rains,” said Dr. Sarradet, “So they’re affected by the same things we are.””

So remember to watch out for symptoms and keep your furry friends protected this allergy season.

If your dog is showing symptoms of allergies, bring them to a vet to make sure and find a medication that will work best for them.

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