LHSAA dictates new H.S. Baseball Guidelines

Courtesy: Advertiser

The LHSAA held its annual meetings in Baton Rouge, Friday.  Among the most notable votes, principals voted to prevent schools that do not play a sport to have a vote when a vote dealing with that sport is taking place.  By a count of 202-136, the members ended that practice.

An issue affecting high school baseball pitcher passed in an effort to protect young pitchers.  The pitch count includes new rest requirements, but does not apply to softball.  The new guidelines are as such:

.  If a pitcher throws 1-30 pitches in a day, no rest is required before he can pitch again.
· If as pitcher throws 31-50 pitches in a day, one calendar day of rest is required.
· Throwing 51-75 pitchers in a day will require two calendar days of rest and more than 75 pitches requires three days before he can pitch again.
· The maximum number of pitches allowed in a day (game) is set at 125.

And “no dice” on a proposal that would have reduced the number of classifications from 7 to 5.  The idea was to eliminate classes B and C, allowing them to compete in Class 1A.  This wasn’t even close to passing… it failed 262-81.




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