Local Saxophonist is keeping jazz alive in Acadiana



For Jeremy Benoit, “JB Saax”, jazz is more than a genre of music, its a way of life.

“The way everything is in the moment, you have to really take risks, to get the next pattern of notes of melodies out,” says JB Saax.

Jazz music has deep roots here in Louisiana with origins tracing back to New Orleans in the  early 1920s.

Saax says we need to keep jazz alive, “because if were not careful, it can become a dying art form.”JB Saax works closely with the Acadiana Center of the Arts in Downtown Lafayette to promote jazz music and keep the jazz culture alive in the Acadiana area.

JB Saax believes music and education are important, which is why he plans to work with schools and other organizations to help expose younger generations to the world of jazz.

“We need more new artist to come along and try to keep traditional and smooth jazz going, building better platforms for it and building better audiences for it. Because its definitely Americas music, it shouldn’t be lost.”JB Saax has a new album being released and he says Acadiana is a huge influence on his music.

“Sometimes when I am soloing I am thinking of different musical styles that are relevant to Lafayette and to Louisiana,” says Saax. “It’s amazing how much where you are shapes how you perform.”

You can snag a copy of JB Saax’s latest album February 19 in Arpeggios in Opelousas.

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