UL Lafayette President outlines the university’s stance on the travel ban

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  There are hundreds of international students attending school in Acadiana. President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration travel may have some of those students questioning their place and support. The President of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette released a statement outlining the university’s stance on the travel ban.

Dr. Joseph Savoie says the university is committed to supporting its international students, faculty and their families. “To avoid possible delays re-entering the United States, we advise students and faculty members from the seven affected countries to consider postponing or canceling travel until more details about the executive order are available,” states Savoie.

Dr. Savoie says anyone with concerns about the executive order should contact the University’s Office of International Affairs, which is in room 136 of the Student Union.

Father Bryce Sibley of Our Lady of Wisdom and Catholic Student Center explains he has yet to hear any student express concern or fear about the temporary ban. Father Sibley notes all students regardless of religion or ethnicity need to be informed listeners.

Father Sibley says the church offers that place for dialogue and understanding. “One of the worst things I think for any individual is to get worked up about something without having a real knowledge of what’s going on.””

International Student Andrea Teixeira was born and raised in Venezuela. “I do feel for them.  It’s something that’s fond in my heart. I do want to offer that solidarity towards them in the most heartfelt and peaceful way,” says Teixeira.

Student Damon Vincent says that’s what the Student Center at Our Lady of Wisdom is for. “We want to foster an environment that is of all types, cultures and climates that can breed good discussion and healthy wholesome discussion,” adds Vincent.

UL Lafayette Student Derek Scott tells students affected directly or indirectly by the temporary immigrant ban not to feel alone. “People are going to talk.  Just hold your head high and go forward,” adds Scott

“Knowing, accepting and respecting others point of view is so crucial and so important on this day and age,” states UL Lafayette International Student Andrea Teixeira.

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