Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about the lawn. There’s a lot to do in the yard to keep it nice and green but it’s no easy task sometimes. Give us some help John!

Ok well right now we’re battling with a little brown patch especially in this milder weather. We’re in January now and it’s 75 degrees! Warming in the 70’s and cooler at night is the perfect temperature for the growth of the disease. I have a product called F-Stop, a glandular product you can put out on the affected area. We also have it in liquid form. We also have Dimension which kills a lot of your weed seeds—you have less weeds in the spring. It’s easy to put out, it covers 4000 square feet, it’ll kill the weed seeds that will come up later. Plus everyone has a lot to clean up right now, after the cold weather came, a lot need to be cut. We have these leaf bags that are reusable—you can throw them, bring them to the street, and the city will throw the bag back? Their real heavy duty, made out of a nylon. You can fill them up so much you can barely move them.

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