Iberia Parish creates flood protection coalition

Last year’s flood is still fresh in the minds of many in south Louisiana.

Now, Iberia Parish has set up a new coalition to advocate for flood protection.

The Acadiana Flood Protection Coalition is made up of about 30 members, all of them from right here in Iberia Parish; and they share a common goal: build a levee to protect Iberia residents.

The coalition is a direct byproduct of the Iberia Parish Levee, Hurricane and Conservation District.

Because of state laws, the levee board is not allowed support a ballot initiative,

So, the coalition will take on the responsibility of educating the public on the importance of a levee system in the parish.

“The business community, residents, everyone in Iberia Parish is coming to the realization that this is no longer a want but, it’s a need. It’s essential for Iberia Parish to protect itself from flood waters,” Julie Rosenzweig, President of the Acadiana Flood Protection Coalition told News 10.

Next week, coalition board member David Merrill will speak in front of the New Iberia City Council.

“Give them some information on our coalition and our part we’re going to play in it, and try to see if they would help us out with a donation to be able to further advance the education about the levee and what’s going to happen with it,” Merrill said.

The 19-mile levee, equipped with pumps and flood gates, is slated for about 15 years of construction; built into that time frame– is time to acquire funding.

“The quicker funding in secured, the quicker this could be built and protection can be insured,” Rosenzweig said.

The coalition will meet with the New Iberia City Council next Wednesday. The meeting will be on the third floor of the city courthouse building.

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