Superfan heads to Super Bowl for 51st time

Don Crisman, a Patriots fan from Maine, has been to every Super Bowl since it became a thing back in 1967. (Photo Credit: CBS BOSTON)

BOSTON (CBS News) – In the late 1960’s when the game called the Super Bowl was born, a group of friends from around the country vowed that they would try to go to as many as they could, CBS Boston reports.

Fifty-one years later, a Patriots fan from Maine and two of his friends are still at it.

Don Crisman was at Logan Airport on Wednesday, boarding his flight to Houston for Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

Crisman has been to every Super Bowl since it became a thing back in 1967.

He said the big game has changed a lot since the first time he attended.

“Oh it’s dramatic,” Crisman said. “You go back to the early days it was like college bowl game. You know, the half time was pretty much college bands. It’s grown enormous.”

Speaking of halftimes, Crisman isn’t too crazy about the entertainment choices lately.

“I mean I’m not really up on today’s musical groups. Last year they asked me who Coldplay was and I had no clue. I go back to the Diana Ross days,” said Crisman.

Crisman’s group of friends who never missed a Super Bowl started out with five members, though two have since passed away.

Last year was supposed to be Crisman’s last trip to the Super Bowl. But plans changed.

“I promised my wife I would quit at 50, but I did put up a little condition on it: If the Patriots get in I’d keep going,” he said.

He said that if the Patriots should make it back to the Super Bowl again next year, he’s going to try really hard to convince his wife to let him go yet again.

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