St. Martin Parish School Superintendent takes action to strengthen accountability systems

St. Martin Parish, La. (KLFY) – A former employee of the St. Martin Parish School System apparently stole more from her job than authorities once thought. According to a state Legislative Audit Report, Ellen Taylor, 37 of Arnaudville who worked in the personnel department was being investigated for stealing over $3,000.

Reportedly, Taylor was stealing the fees that new hires would pay for finger-printing. The audit reports shows that was back in July 2016.  The report currently shows the misappropriation at $17,338 and it could go higher.

Superintendent Dr. Lottie Beebe says the school district already has a protocol in place when it comes to collecting fingerprinting fees from new hires. She says since the misappropriation of funds took place the district strengthened what’s already there.

Dr. Beebe says it was an employee of the parish school district who discovered that the theft was taking place. The school district reported it to the proper authorities. “In fact law enforcement was involved as well as the legislative auditor. We are following the procedures that we are required to follow,” says Beebe.

Beebe says the school district is keeping a closer eye on the process. New hires now have to sign-in outside and inside the fingerprinting area and the logs will be verified against money collected. “There’s a protocol in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. There is a system of accountability in place and we have reported it to the property authorities,” adds Dr. Beebe.

Dr. Beebe explains the situation is a personnel matter and that she has no further comments. “I’m not at liberty to disclose the individual.”


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