Using Self-Help Medical Apps

More than a third of adults use the internet to help diagnose their ailments

According to an online article published by the national institutes of health. More than a third of adults use the internet to help diagnose their ailments.  This raises the question of the best way to search

Dr. Pernell Simon, the medical director of the Lafayette general urgent care clinics, says the first mistake is to search the internet using a symptom.  Dr. Simon says the better approach is to find a reputable website, one that doesn’t try to sell you anything and search there. The second mistake is to under-diagnose a serious symptom or over-diagnosing, taking a minor ailment too far. To misdiagnose something, like a severe headache, for example, can be dangerous.  Dr. Simon says using common sense, a reputable website, current information, and consulting a medical professional to ensure your internet diagnosis is accurate.

And it’s not just the patient that relies on technology. Medical professionals in and outside the hospital use it as well. Dr. Chuck Burnell is the chief medical officer for Acadian Ambulance where technology literally sits front and center, allowing them to send information to doctors before the ambulance even arrives at the hospital.  All Acadian units are Wi-Fi equipped so as to push information to everyone who needs it as soon as possible.

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