St. Martinville city councilman forming neighborhood watch following spike in crime

ST. MARTINVILLE, La (KLFY) – St. Martinville residents are taking a stand against crime throughout the city. This comes after a recent rash of property crimes.

Residents say the crimes have been going on for the past eight months.

“My door was shot out and if I would’ve been sitting in this living room there’s a chance I could’ve been hit,” said St. Martinville resident, Rock Eastin.

Eastin says his door at his home was shot out just last week. He says his truck was also hit by bullets.

“It’s no specific area of town. It’s just people going around with bb guns in their cars and shooting car windows out, and now they’re shooting houses, a child almost got shot,” explained Eastin. “My neighbor and her mom were sitting in the living room and a bullet comes through.”

Eastin says he knows of at least ten other people, including a city councilman, who have been affected and says the number just continues to grow everyday.

“The police aren’t giving us a whole bunch of information, but the number 90 did come out, so at least 90 victims,” said Eastin.

After the crimes were brought to the attention of the city councilman of the district, Mike Fuselier, he decided to create a neighborhood watch.

“I’m hoping that it’s going to be a catalyst for other neighborhood watches because I’d like to see this throughout the whole city,” said Fuselier.

Although they’re not sure who’s behind the crimes, Fuselier says they’re taking steps to ensure the criminal activity stops.

“We’re not going to tolerate this foolishness to people’s property and to people’s safety,” said Fuselier.

The hope is that the neighborhood watch can establish a crime stoppers fund to offer a reward leading to information about the crimes.

“We’re going to take a bad situation and turn it for good, that’s what I’m hoping,” said Fuselier.

News 10 reached out to the St. Martinville Police Chief, Calder Hebert; he declined an interview, but says he is addressing the matter with residents.

All community members are invited to the neighborhood watch meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Maison Duchamp building on Main St.

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