Life saving traffic signal changes coming to Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Over 50 traffic signals across Acadiana will be getting an upgrade. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development held the first of many meetings last night to discuss the changes.

News Tens Emily Giangreco has the story.

A lot of times making a left turn can be difficult. So the DOTD has found a way to make it safer across Acadiana.

83 intersections across acadiana will be getting an upgrade

We’re going to be implimenting a new traffic signal, what we call, with a flashing yellow arrow at some of our select intersections throughout the region here.

Some residents may have already noticed a few of these traffic signals around their parishes. DOTD Public Information Officer Deidra Druilhet explains they are safer for drivers.

There was a national study that was done where we saw that drivers made less mistakes with the newer signal versus the traditional signal that we have out there.

Whenever a driver gets to a stop light they’re most likely going to look at the traffic signal. If they have to also look to the sign, that may not necessarily be a reliable source for indication.

So a flashing yellow light in my opinion would be a much better indicator than a sign.””

Instead of the typical ‘left turn yield on green’ drivers will experience a blinking yellow arrow and a solid yellow arrow to inform them when to use caution while making their turn.

It gives them an earlier opportunity with the flashing yellow arrow, just a way for them to be cautious but they’re still allowed to make the left turn but of course yielding to on coming traffic, yielding to padestrians and giving them the solid yellow arrow letting them know that the signal is getting ready to turn red.

If you have questions or wonder where these new signals will be, DOTD will be holding open meetings for each parish.

Reporting in Lafayette Emily Giangreco for KLFY News Ten.


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