Ville Platte meeting set to mend community sets off emotions

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – A town hall meeting meant to mend the community’s trust ended up stirring up more emotion.

Residents gave testimony, after testimony, after testimony of alleged injustices by the Ville Platte Police Department.

“Now your life is in my hand and it’s over. That’s what he said,” said a resident.

A report from the Department of Justice’ investigation states 700 people were detained illegally in a four year span.

Latosha Pleasant claims she was improperly stripped searched just last week.

“He asked me to remove them (under garments) without a lady being present,” said Pleasant.

Meanwhile, the FBI encourages residents who feel the problem with investigative holds is still ongoing to speak out.

“If they do feel their rights were violated by the police to come talk with us and give us the examples and evidence they have, and we’ll determine if it warrants going further,” said Don Bostick with the FBI.

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