A look at St. Martin Parish 6 months after the historic flood

ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) – It’s hard to believe that 6 months ago St. Martin Parish was under water.

Since then, not only has the community come together to help restore it, but they have found ways to make it better for the future.

“People are still recovering as we speak, I mean, it’s not over by a long shot,” said Office of Emergency Preparedness Director Terry Guidry.

The historic flood of 2016 effected thousands of people across Louisiana; and St. Martin Parish was no exception.

“When the rains hit St. martin parish, i’ll never forget it,”” said Parish President Guy Cormier, “Every time we went and rescued somebody when we came to higher ground there was a family member or a friend that was there waiting to accept them with open arms and said you can stay at my house as long as you need to. What we’re seeing 6 months later is some folks still not in their homes.”

Cormier explains the rainfall wasn’t the problem.

The receeding water from surrounding areas is what put his parish underwater.

“It started rising in areas which we hadnt seen in a number of years,” said Cormier, “Where folks who had flooded in parts of Acadiana were flooded maybe one or two days, we were flooded for three or four weeks.”

When Guidry drives to work every morning, he looks out of his window and still can’t believe some of the houses he’s used to seeing, were washed away 6 months ago.

“It looks like nothing ever happened,” he said, “and then you go up a block and you see one house that’s not even there anymore. They had been there forever and you still expect to see them but they’re gone. And it’s replaced with something new or it’s just an open lot now”

Now,the parish is in the process of doing 20 million dollars worth of work to the drainage system incase anything like this were to happen again.

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