Lafayette Parish School Board to consider sales tax proposition at Wednesday’s board meeting

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – On Wednesday, the Lafayette Parish School board has a choice to make. The board will be asked to call a special election for a 1/2 cent sales tax proposition.

According to school board members, the tax proposition that will be presented to the board is a 10-year 1/2 cent sales tax capable of generating $194 million. LPSS Board member Jeremy Hidalgo supports the tax and intends on voting yes. “I said it along the campaign trail. Again, it’s something I have repeated when I ran for office. Now, I am in office it’s my job to try to get it done,” adds Hidalgo.

According to the board agenda, there’s also a project list associated with the proposed tax. The board will be asked to approve that on Wednesday.

On the list is the removal of 248 temporary classrooms through new construction. “We need to get the butler buildings to disappear. We need brick and mortar. We need good solid environment and, sound learning environments; because when it rains you can’t hear well in those butler buildings. That’s just a fact,” says Hidalgo.

LPSS Board member Dawn Morris plans to vote yes. Morris says students cannot continue to be educated in temporary structures that are in constant need of repair. “We are hopeful the sales tax will pass. We will be able to eliminate almost 60% of our temporary buildings by building wings onto schools throughout the entire parish,” says Morris.

If the tax resolution is approved Wednesday, a special election will be called for April 29. “For example at Alleman, when there’s a rainstorm the children get wet. They have to go and put on their PE clothes. Their clothes are thrown into dryer while they are at school. We should not be dealing with a situation like that in a parish like Lafayette.” notes Morris.

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