Plant Trees

Today on your lawn and garden we’re still talking about planting. We talked earlier about vegetables but it doesn’t stop there does it John?

No it doesn’t. This is a good time—everything is dormant to plant trees or shrubs, anything like that. Also fruit trees and citrus trees. We have a good selections at the store right now to plant and it’s a good time to put them in. Now one thing we want to really recommend is a good root stimulator. When you’re putting those plants in, and you use this root stimulator we have and a good potting soil–they will warrantee your plants for two years.  Replacement. That’s a pretty good deal, but you have to go through that procedure of using a good soil and root stimulator. It works great on anything—you can use it on vegetables as well. Any vegetable you put it in will prevent drooping—it will stand up and take off. It also has a hormone in it which helps your plant get sturdy and ready to grow. We have some mandarins and grapefruit that survived the hard freeze. Grapefruit has a thinker rime on them and seems to take care of themselves. Your satsumas, they are basically finished with right now. They can’t take the cold as well.

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