BLUE REMEMBERS: Pope John Paul II visits the U.S.

BLUE REMEMBERS: Pope John Paul II visits the U.S.

Two weeks from today, KLFY will say goodbye to our News Ten anchor Blue Rolfes. After 40 years in broadcasting, Blue is leaving the station to start a new chapter in her life.
This week, she’s looking back on some of the most memorable moments in her career. Tonight, Blue shares memories of covering an international newsmaker, who touched many lives around the world, including her own.

If I had to name the most significant reporting experience of my career, it would definitely be my travels with Pope John Paul the Second.  I had the honor of covering all of his visits to the United States during his administration,  and I tried to capture his charisma, his personality, his incredible connection to the people who flocked to see him, not only Catholics, but people of many faiths who respected what he stood for and how he inspired people to live their lives.  The experience of attending Mass celebrated by the Pope is an experience that’s difficult to explain, especially for a convert like me.  And to see Pope John Paul the Second manage to turn these different locations into places of worship was amazing.  We attended Mass with the Pope in the open air of Central Park in New York City, at the Aqueduct Horse Racetrack, in the hockey arena in St. Louis, and to see these hundreds of thousands of people who had traveled from all parts of the world just to get a glimpse of the Pope was truly inspiring.  It’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

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