BLUE REMEMBERS: St. Teresa’s Visit To Lafayette

Photo Credit: KLFY

As you may have heard, news ten anchor Blue Rolfes is moving on from KLFY. In two weeks she’ll begin a new chapter in her life.

This week she’s sharing memories of some of the most memorable people she’s met and places she’s had the opportunity to visit, as part of her 40 years in broadcast journalism.

Tonight, she shares what it was like to meet an inspiring woman who touched many lives around the world.

“Every once in a while you get the chance to be in the presence of true grace. And that’s exactly what it felt like to cover Saint Mother Teresa’s visit to Acadiana back in 1986, when she came here to establish a chapter of her order, the Missionaries of Charity.

I remember first being struck by what a tiny person she was, not much more than four feet tall, and then by the intensity and compassion in her eyes, and how she gave complete attention to every single person she spoke with.

It was overwhelming to think that this tiny holy woman had traveled all the way around the world right here to Acadiana, to help those in need right here in our community.

She had close ties to a number of people in our area, but one of her closest friends was Father Joseph Brennan of St. Genevieve.

I had the honor of interviewing him after she was elevated to sainthood and it was truly inspiring to see his joy that his friend was being recognized for her good works.

I also spoke with Bishop Douglas Deshotel about Mother Teresa and I was struck by a profound point he made.

He said that we tend to think of saints as extraordinary people, but really they were ordinary people who dedicated their lives to doing extraordinary things.

Mother Teresa gives us an ideal to live in our daily lives and I’m honored to have been in her presence.”

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