Southside High School principal calls her job a special opportunity

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – The newly built Southside High School in Youngsville will open its doors in just six months to nearly 600 students. The school’s new principal, Catherine Cassidy shares her thoughts with KLFY News 10.

It’s at the Youngsville Chamber of Commerce meeting that the Southside High Principal provided an update on the school’s progress. “She is very excited. She’s an inspiration to everyone here in the community,” says chamber president Angie Eckman.

Cassidy has worked in the district as a teacher, a coach and assistant principal. Cassidy calls her new role a thrilling position to be in. “To have this opportunity and to help lead the community in this venture it’s an amazing opportunity,” adds Cassidy.

The school district’s chief administrative officer says Southside High’s first enrollment will be about 590 students of ninth and tenth graders.

Cassidy explains that in addition to aligning with what the parish wants to achieve, Southside High will be that backyard community many neighborhoods long for. “They have some rezoning. This year they made it more community oriented. So, the kids kind of stick together.  They go to elementary, middle school and high school together. They’re trying to achieve that with the new rezoning.  So yes, it’s a special opportunity,” says Cassidy.

Southside High is scheduled to open in August at the beginning of the new school year.  Eleventh graders will begin attending the school in 2018 and seniors in year 2019.

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