Crowley Police officers will start using a new weapon

CROWLEY, La (KLFY) – In Acadia Parish, Crowley Police officers are currently undergoing training for a new weapon that they’ll soon start using.

The new weapon is called a pepper spray gun.

It’s a less lethal weapon that officers will use as an alternative to a taser gun.

The department has had pepper spray guns for a couple of years, but a lot of the officers weren’t trained to use them.

Crowley Police Chief, Jimmy Broussard, says the non-lethal weapon will do twice the job a taser would do.

“When an officer says ‘put your hands behind your back’–people have been afraid of the taser, I would be more afraid of this pepper spray gun. I would do what the officer commanded,” said Chief Broussard.

Chief Broussard says the pepper spray guns will put a person down for about an hour, whereas with a taser you only feel it for a few minutes.

“It does do the job that it needs to do without possibly causing some extra issues or problems that would arise with a taser,” explained Chief Broussard.

The pepper spray gun is unique because it’s not like your traditional can of pepper spray.

“This is not like normal pepper spray that an officer carries on his duty belt,” said training instructor, Ron Teeters. “This is designed to drop people off PCP or bath salts.”

Teeters says numerous departments across the state are already using these types of guns.

“We’ve trained about a thousand departments throughout the United States, about 80% of Louisiana from Alexandria to the Gulf,” said Teeters.

Teeters says the weapon tends to be more effective for bringing a person down instantly–as long as the officer aims the gun at the person’s face from more than 5 ft. away.

“If you were to shoot somebody in the face under 5 ft. it’s not going to blow their teeth out,” explained Teeters.

Teeters says unlike a taser gun, the pepper spray guns also don’t have a shelf life and can be used during any type of weather.

Chief Broussard says officers will start using the new weapons as early as today.

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