BLUE REMEMBERS: Blue’s trip to Japan

This week, we continue to look back at the four-decade broadcasting career of our fellow News Ten anchor Blue Rolfes.

Tonight, Blue shares memories of an assignment that she will always treasure, a trip to the far east to celebrate the longstanding friendship between Lafayette and its Japanese sister city.

My first ever overseas trip was in August of 1990, when KLFY sent me to Japan to cover a business development trip to Lafayette’s Japanese sister city, Ome City.  The delegation included a number of local business leaders, and Mayor Dud Lastrapes, and it was a fascinating and amazing experience meeting the Japanese people and getting to stay in their homes and get to know their families.  Japan is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, and it was so interesting learning the history of the country and its evolving relationship with America.  At the time of the trip, I was four months pregnant with my daughter Katherine, and I remember how shocked many of the Japanese women were when they discovered that I had traveled in that condition halfway around the world, without my husband.  As an American, I hadn’t realized that could be considered very daring!  I’ll always treasure the memories of that trip and the friendships we made that are still going strong today.”

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