Blue Rolfes explains why she loves meeting the people of Acadiana

Next week, we say goodbye to News 10 anchor Blue Rolfes, so we’re looking back on some of the high points of her 40-year career in broadcasting.

Tonight, she tells us why going out “on the road” will always be one of her favorite memories from her days at KLFY.

“One of the wonderful things about being a reporter is going out to interact every day with the people of Acadiana, and as an anchor, you lose that personal touch, because you spend the bulk of your time in the newsroom or the studio.

That’s why I absolutely loved the series of road shows we did a couple of years ago, when we took our five and six o’clock newscasts to a number of communities throughout our viewing area.

At each stop, we featured stories done by our reporters on the people and places in that parish that made each location unique. We had a live band from that town who performed, and we invited each town’s residents to join us.

Each community took a different approach, but every road show was able to capture that unique quality of each city in Acadiana.

In Lafayette, we broadcast from Parc Sans Souci, and I remember it was so incredibly cold that night that the mast froze on our Live Eye truck and we lost the signal from our location for about 15 minutes until we could fix it.

That’s an eternity in TV time, and I remember our meteorologists who were back at the station had to basically tap dance during that time and do an extended weather forecast until we could get back on the air.  Anything can happen and it often does!”

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