How Acadia Parish prevents crawfish thefts

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) – Law enforcement in Acadia Parish have reported investigating crawfish thefts over the last few years.

Now, a new mobile crime unit has helped the sheriff’s office catch a crawfish thief.

“We’ve been having a lot of complaints from farmers in the north part of our parish regarding crawfish thefts,” said Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. Gibson.

For several years, crawfish thefts have been a problem in Acadia Parish.

The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s office recently launched a crime-suppression unit.

With this new unit, they caught a suspect last week who they believe is responsible for many thefts.

“Our crime-suppression unit started working surveillance in this area kind of following the route where the farmers believed how they were being hit,” said Gibson, “Well after a few days of surveillance, identifying the suspect, observing him commit the actual theft and making an arrest.”

34 year old Dariel Mays of Opelousas was arrested and charged with theft of livestock.

Acadia Crawfish Company owner Scott Broussard explains how stealing crawfish deeply impacts his business.

“Well if they steal our normal fisherman’s crawfish each day, they don’t have anything to sell us and we can’t produce for our customers that depend on us on a every day basis,” he said.

Not only does it affect his business, but it puts crawfish farmers in a tough position.

“It’s a shame, it really is,” said Broussard, “Our farming industry here today tough. Production’s up, prices are down, so they need to catch more product to be able to survive to make ends meet. When people start stealing it, it really impacts it a lot.”

Farmers are hopeful the crime suppression unit will help prevent crawfish thefts in the future.

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