Prune Roses

Today in your Lawn and Garden, we’re talking about Roses. It’s time to plant and even prune. So which do we do first and which do we do last?

Well you want to prune them first.I know a lot of people still have some roses on them because it’s mild the weather but you still need to do it. You need to bring them down 2 and a half – 2 feet and prune them a little bit before the joint. You’ll see a little joint on them, right before that, you know you want to cut them. It’s going to bring out flush amount with new growth and it will start flowers again. It rejuvenates the whole plant. It’s really amazing. I know it looks funny when you cut them, its gonna look bad but it pays off. Also , once they leaf out, you need to start spraying again; for insects, they will be out. And we also have the fungicides to spray them. You want to spray them bi-weekly or something like that to take care of them. And get some good pruners. We have pruners at the store and also, a great selection of roses right now so if ya’ll ant a good pick, come on in!

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