BLUE REMEMBERS: What will Blue miss most?

We’ve been reminiscing this past week with Blue as she prepares to move on from KLFY.
Tonight, we’re asking Blue this question:  “What will you miss most as you start this new chapter in your life?”

Where to begin? I’ve been so lucky and blessed to have had this amazing career, working at my dream job all these years, in my own hometown. When I talk to students who are considering entering the journalism field, I always tell them this job gives you the opportunity to learn something new each day, to meet the most amazing and incredible people and tell their stories to Acadiana.
I’ll definitely miss my wonderful KLFY family, they are a creative, caring and inspiring group of people, even though I’m one of the veterans here, I learn so much from everyone around me every day.
But I think what I’ll miss most is being part of the lives of the people of Acadiana on a daily basis, interacting with them on the air, through emails and texts and on social media and in phone calls, every possible way you can think of to communicate, our KLFY viewers do that. I’ve always treasured that part of the job, and I will miss that.
This place we call home is a true treasure. So many times during natural disasters or tragedies like the Grand Theater shooting, this community has shown its true colors, doing everything necessary to help those affected, to comfort the families of those we lost, and to show their generosity to the survivors to help them get their lives back. It’s truly been a blessing to be able to tell their stories. I know that community spirit will always be what defines our home and I’m proud to have been a small part of that. Thank you, Acadiana.”

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