Plant Fruit

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about something that you’re probably familiar with pecan trees, we’re talking about fruit, citrus, a whole lot of trees bare a whole lot of fruit but you’ve got to take care of it.

That’s right. First this time of the year it’s time to plant them, the pecans, the peaches. The plums, all the citrus we have at the store. Their all beautiful plants, we have some lemons over there that most be almost 5 feet tall, it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen them. It’s all time to put that in, while you’re doing that don’t forget about the root stimulator we sale. They guarantee the plant for two years. As long as you buy the potting soil and their root stimulator. If your plant dies, they’ll replace the money or the plant. So it’s a good deal all around. Also we have the fungicides and insecticides for your pecan trees and all your fruit, and your citrus. It’s very important to get on a schedule so you don’t have any problems with any insects. Also don’t forget about your fertilizer, we have the pecan and fruit tree fertilizer from Fertilome in a four pound bag. For someone who just has one tree or something like that. And then, the one we make at the store we have it in 50 pound or 10 pound bags. It has the zinc in it, everything a pecan or fruit trees need.

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