Women’s and Children’s Hospital offers webcam service within its neonatal ICU

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – An Acadiana woman whose child was born pre-mature has come to appreciate technology called NicView.  She says thanks to technology her child’s hospital bed is only a finger-tap away.

It’s not easy to leave a newborn baby. However, imagine being able to see your bundle of joy anytime and any day. “Anybody can say that she’s doing great but unless you see it for yourself it’s not the same,” adds mother Katie Davis.

The neo-natal intensive care unit of Lafayette’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital has been home for baby Riley Mae Davis who was born pre-mature. The camera mounted at Riley’s beside is a webcam provided by the hospital. Dr. Amy Zeringue, Neonatalogist at the hospital says the real-time video can be viewed by iPhone or computer.  It’s that easy.

“They can log-in day or night, check-in on their babies. They can give their password out to family that don’t live in town and they can see the baby as well,” says Dr. Zeringue.

The hospital has found the NicView helps alleviate the stress parents often feel. “Some parent’s say they call a little less because they can see their baby.  So, they don’t feel the need to call-in and say how’s my baby doing?  They can see if the baby is sleeping or awake and kind of looking around,” explains Dr. Zeringue.

Riley’s mom, Katie Davis admits to logging onto the webcam — more often than not.  Davis says Riley’s siblings, father, friends and relatives are NicView visitors as well. “I got sick a couple of weeks ago with a respiratory infection.  I couldn’t come to the hospital but I could watch her when I needed to,” explains Davis.

Other parents at the hospital share in the comfort of being able to freely check-in on their buddle of joy. “I’m really calm when I see that she’s doing well; even though I am not here with her.  I feel like I am there,” says Minerva Gonzales.

“Anybody can say that she’s doing great, but unless you see it for yourself it’s not the same,” adds Davis.  The NICView has a 1-800 number where the camera angle can be adjusted for a better view.

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