Major dog rescue in St. Landry Parish



ST. LANDRY PARISH, LA. An animal rescue from St. Louis Missouri heard about 40 dogs in St. Landry parish that were supposed to be euthanized on Valentine’s Day.
The animal rescue is now giving these dogs a second chance at life.

Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim along with four volunteers drove about 800 miles for this mission.

“Were the type of people that do anything for the dogs,” says Grim.

Grim is no stranger to Louisiana. He’s rescued 150 dogs after Hurricane Katrina, numerous dogs after Hurricane Gustav back in ’08,
and dogs that were used and abused in dog fights in St. Martin Parish.
Grim is back in the Bayou State and is determined to save as many dogs as he can on this trip.

“I’ll be happy for the ones we save,” says Grim. “I have a hunch for the drive back or even today that I will probably cry for the ones I couldn’t save.”

Their goal is to take roughly 20-25 dogs back to their rescue.
Another trip is planned soon to pick up the rest of dogs.
Grim went around the shelter and hand picked the dogs he connected with most like the injured, the sick the pregnant, and the puppies.
Along with pitbulls he knew that will have a hard time getting adopted here.

Stacey McKnight, the Deputy Director of St. Landry Parish Animal Control says “it’s amazing to have our local rescues step up,but when you get rescues like Villalobos and Stray, Rescue.

They can do just so much that we cant do on our own.”

Part of the rescue crew is a vet technician who will monitor these dogs for aggression
“I can spot maybe problematic behaviors in the dogs, and also a quick medical assessment to see what were dealing with when we get back home,” says Paul Scimone.

Stray Rescue is a no kill shelter with 300+ dogs of their own, and hundreds of their dogs under foster care.
The crew will hit the road early Friday morning.

If you wish to donate to the rescue go to

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