Vegetable Garden

Today in your lawn & garden we’re talking about the spring garden or is still the winter garden? John says you can plant either way, some pretty good plants too.

That’s right, we’re a little in between but I planted some tomatoes maybe a month ago and we have tomatoes on them already. We haven’t had a frost or anything since, so I planted a few more. You can always plant peppers, hopefully we don’t have a frost it’s not a guarantee. But don’t forget, people that love cabbage, plant them again, I planted some a month ago they’re looking real good—I’ll have cabbage again. My family loves them! Don’t forget the 5-2020 fertilizer to work in the garden before doing any of you planting. Your insects that are a problem right now, you can use this product right here, Cyonara—it basically gets everything. You see that carrot right there, Gary? Man I’ve been producing carrots since November, I mean like crazy! My grandson eats two or three at a time.

And also you use mulch I understand?

Yes.  You want to use the pine needle mulch, it works so great I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. It keeps the weeds down—fantastically. This is it right here. It’s all broken up in chops it’s easy to put around your vegetables. It lays down perfectly.

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