Pope Francis open to the possibility of ordaining married men

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In a recent interview with a German newspaper, Pope Francis said that he would consider the possibility of ordaining married men.

Some countries face a serious shortage of Catholic priests; and Pope Francis is trying to fix that.

“I think in places where there aren’t any priests, if you need somebody to perform the sacrifice of the mass, it would be a good thing,” said church goer Roxana Usner.

Pope francis continued to express the importance of celibacy for current priests and seminarians.

“The Holy Father is building on the tradition of the church, that constant valuing of celibacy,” said Lafayette Diocese Father Kevin Bourdelon, “But at the same time, are there some particular cases where older married men could be ordained for service and we’ll see where that goes.”

Many church goers told news ten they don’t agree with allowing married men to become priests.

Roxana Usner believes if it will allow people to practice their faith, then she understands.

“People do need to go to mass and they do need to receive communion if they’re catholic and it’s a big part of our faith,” said Usner, “So I think it’s very important that the mass is available to them. But I don’t think that he meant those married men did not have to be celibate.”

The idea that a Roman Catholic church priest should not be married, is based off of certain biblical passages as well as the belief that a priest acts in the person of Christ and should therefor be celibate.

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