Spring breakers from University of Rhode Island volunteer to help Youngsville flood victim

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) It’s been seven months since the historic flood, and many residents here in Acadiana are still recovering.

Saturday a few of those residents received some help from a group of college students.  News Tens Emily Giangreco has the story.

With a shovel, a hammer, and helpful hands, some flood victims are finally able to call their house a home again.

Joyce Menard had to be rescued from her home during the historic flood of 2016. and in the high waters, she lost everything she’s ever known.

“I had ankle deep water in my house already. I never, I lived there 50, over 50 years, and never had water. It demolished my house.”

Menard bought a mobile house to replace what she had lost and Saturday, members of the Lafayette Rotary Club had some help making that house a new home.

“We usually do Christmas and April but we had an opportunity to work with our Rhode Island crew that wanted to come down here and help with the disaster relief.”

Students from the University of Rhode Island spent their Spring Break traveling to Louisiana and helping flood victims.

“Being able to work closely with the people who might have suffered through something like the floods is something that we may never experience at home up in Rhode Island. So for us, it’s a total different culture to learn from, to experience and it’s something that we’re very thankful for.”

While meeting new people, and learning new skills, President of the URI Rotary Club Sam Klemarczyk says they also made unforgettable memories.

“Everytime we do this, some of the best memories are the people that we meet and the conversations we have and what we’re able to learn from it.”

President of the Rotary Club of Lafayette  Stella Theriot as well as Menard say they are thankful to have these dedicated students to help.

“To have this extra help, we’re working on two projects today and they split the group up so that we could work more effectively and it’s just, thank you.”

“I feel happy to see them, it’s real nice for people to come and help us. I never thought I’d get help like this.”

Reporting in Youngsville,  Emily Giangreco for KLFY News Ten.








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