Anseman: “This is political” after ruled ineligible to run for appeals court

OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – Candidate Vanessa Anseman is no longer eligible to run for the open seat in the Third Circuit Court of Appeal.

This is after District Judge Alonzo Harris ruled she did not meet the requirements needed to be on the March ballot.

If the judges ruling stands, there will be just two candidates running for the third circuit court of appeal.
Anseman said the judge’s decision is wrong and plans to appeal.

“The court got it wrong here but will my opponent’s succeed in derailing me or will this be my final straw? Absolutely not. I have my brief ready and we will be filing in the next 24 hours,” Anseman.

Monday’s decision comes after a registered voter filed a complaint questioning how long Anseman has been an attorney.

According to the state constitution, candidates must have been “admitted to the practice of law” for ten years.

St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor filed a petition.

“We looked at it and we looked at the evidence and the law says if we are convinced there is merit to it that we shall file suit and that’s what we did,” Taylor said.

The judge found Anseman to be short of the ten-year mark by 50 days for the March ballot and about 20 days for the April ballot, making her ineligible to run.
Anseman said this ruling is not fair because the cases cited during her hearing dealt with criminals.

“Convicted felons, child molesters, people who were disbarred. So in essence, I’ve been put on that level. I’ve never lost my license I’ve never been disciplined,” Anseman said.

“I think the judge is correct. I think the case has certain elements of law that would apply to criminal law as well as civil law,” Taylor said.

Anseman said her fight is far from over.

“Make no mistake this is political,” Anseman said.

The Secretary of State’s Office says they cannot remove Anseman’s name from the actual ballot. They said any votes toward her will not be counted. The election is set for March 25.


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