EXCLUSIVE: Jeanerette mayor discusses city’s financial issues

JEANERETTE, La. (KLFY) – City officials took some heat from the state fiscal review committee last month because of recent financial issues.

Financial concerns continue here in the city of Jeanerette as unbalanced books of the past, are causing problems today.

In 2013, Louisiana Legislative Auditors found accounting errors in the city of Jeanerette’s record logs.

Errors that prevented them from completing the audit.

In a fiscal review hearing last month, auditors found the same issues for fiscal year 2015 and 2016.

“Continued problems included segregation of duties, bank reconciliation, skinner fund reconciliation, subsidiary reconciliation all not being performed. Budget preparation and monitoring not being performed as well,” Legislative Auditor and CPA Bradley Cryer said

Taking the auditors’ advice, Jeanerette Mayor April Foulcard hired a private accounting firm to balance the books,

But there was a misunderstanding and the firm only assisted in getting the bank reconciliations together.

“We needed them to come in and complete the bank reconciliations for both fiscal years so that we could have both audits completed,” April Foulcard

Moving forward, Mayor Foulcard says she has already sought outside advice for what in house changes need to be made in Jeanerette’s day to day activities.

“I’ve gotten estimates from other CPA firms to come in and make sure the bank reconciliation are able and willing to do the bank reconciliation and get them updated,” she explained.

The mayor and her staff have until the end of the fiscal year, which is three months away to reconcile all accounts, or the mayor could face malfeasance charges.

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