Youngsville police chief fights city’s hiring freeze

YOUNGSVILLE, La (KLFY) – The Youngsville Police Chief’s request to hire staff without city council approval has failed.

Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux has a hiring freeze hanging over his department that he just can’t seem to thaw out.

The item was up for discussion on the city council agenda last week.

Ramona Marceaux of Youngsville has been a resident of Youngsville for about the past fourteen years. Marceaux says the city needs more officers absolutely.
“I mean Youngsville is the major growing city in the country and absolutely. There are a lot of things they’re not getting too now,” says Chief Boudreaux.

In fact, she questions why there’s a hiring freeze on filing vacancies within the police department. “You know I would say somebody better step-up,” says Chief Boudreaux.

Who best to step-up than Chief of Police Rickey Boudreaux. Chief Boudreaux has gone to bat for better pay for his officers. Now the chief fights to secure the right to hire officers outside of the temporary freeze. “When I first took over the office I doubled the size of the department. They put the freeze in as a process to slow things down a little bit until they get a handle on all the finances,” adds Boudreaux.

The hiring freeze requires the chief to go before the council to hire. The freeze has been in place since 2015. “Whenever I have an officer leave; not to have to wait until next council meeting to hire a replacement officer. I want them to give me the authority to be able to go forward and hire that officer as needed,” says the chief.

The chief says the council did give him permission at the last council meeting to hire a replacement officer.

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