Today in your Lawn and Garden we’re talking about compost. What is it? It could be the difference in a garden that’s successful and one that’s not. A lot of materials huh John?

That’s for sure and it’s a great mix. This right here has chicken litter in it, mushroom soils where they start with it, it has jibsen , straw, that’s all been broken down. And it’s a great product to put in your vegetable garden, in the flower beds, or in flower pots, or if you’re doing vegetables in pots. It’s not hot, its all broken down. Beautiful product, it drains well through it because it does have some parts of trees, things like that and straw. And he also adds sand to it to give it a little weight. But great product, I’ve been using it for years, we have it at the store, we can dump it In a pickup truck. We load it by a yard and a quarter at a time into your pickup truck so for a full pickup it’ll run you about $70. But great product, ready to work, great PH, very little weeds. Whatever weeds came in at the feed store, they heat treat it so it doesn’t have weeds, weed seeds it kills that so you have a good head start with this product and you can grow anything in it.

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