Local store now delivering groceries through Waitr app

SCOTT, La (KLFY) – It has become the new trend.

The Waitr app has taken over most households and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and getting involved.

Romero’s Grocery recently decided to add its name to the long list of vendors now using Waitr services.

“I think it’s great! Instead of having to drive out here they can just deliver to my house which will save me a lot of time,” said Karen Gangloff.

The convenience of having groceries delivered to her doorstep has Gangloff excited.

“I live in Lafayette about 10 minutes away and Waitr I know will probably deliver there, so it definitely makes a big difference,” explained Gangloff. “I think using Waitr saves a lot of money on gas and just time in general, which people value most.”

“As far as I know, we are the first full grocery store,” said Kenny Suire, owner of Romero’s Grocery.

Suire says he decided to join Waitr in hopes of boosting business.

“We use Waitr quite often at home and one day we ordered some food and I said this would be nice to have Waitr and have your groceries delivered, your meat delivered,” explained Suire.

Customers have the ease of shopping for anything the store offers excluding non-food items.

“Groceries, produce, our specialty meat department, which is what I’m looking to be huge with,” said Suire.

Suire says he hopes to reach customers who could really benefit from the service.

“With this here I’m hopefully targeting maybe elderly people as well as the working force that want to just go home after work,” said Suire.

Romero’s Grocery will stop taking Waitr orders an hour before closing each day. The store is open Monday-Friday 6 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

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