Louisiana legislator wants to ban toy guns from schools

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — One Louisiana legislator is aiming to keep toy guns off public school campuses.  The bill was introduced during the current legislative session after law enforcement requested it, following an incident at a school in Bossier Parish.

In February, a gun was found on the campus of Anderson Middle School in New Iberia, and in January, ammunition was found at L.J. Alleman in Lafayette.

State Representative Sylvia Horton wrote the bill at the request of the Bossier Parish sheriff, but guns on campus is a concern right here at home.

“It could be mistaken for a real gun. With the problems we have today, that’s the last thing we need is tot guns on campus,” says Lafayette resident Donna Olivier.

The bill focuses on imitation guns and ammunition. However, some people believe the toy guns are made for kids to be kids.

“I think society puts in kids heads that it’s so bad but, in reality it’s just a kids imagination, I don’t think it should be banned,” says Hunter Olge, another resident of Lafayette.

Resident Regnal Bellard says it’s not a chance worth taking:” They’re shouldn’t be anything that even looks like a weapon on campus or around the campus. {why is that?} It’s just too dangerous.”

The Lafayette Parish School System and Superintendent Donald Aguillard considers toy guns on campus a disciplinary matter. “It’s really a topic that is worthy of consideration by the legislature, so we’re going to wait and be patient and weigh in at the appropriate time,” Aguillard says.

If the bill was to pass in its current language, on the first offense, the offender could face up to 6 months in jail and fined $250. On the second offense, violators could be fined $500, as well as a maximum of six months jail time.

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