Disqualified Court of Appeals candidate Vanessa Anseman set to appeal ruling on Monday

La. (KLFY)–Earlier this week, a judge disqualified Third Circuit Court of Appeals candidate Vanessa Anseman from running for that office.

She appealed the decision the very next day and her appeal will be heard on Monday in Lake Charles.

Anseman is appealing the decision of district judge Alonzo Harris, that she doesn’t have the legal experience required to run for the seat the 3rd circuit court of appeal, anseman will be in the courtroom to argue her case, which stems from Louisiana Constitution Amendment, Article 5, Section 24, where it reads an appeals court judge shall have been admitted to the practice of law in the state for at least 10 years.

”Have someone look at the law, listen to the law, and apply it as it is written,” Anseman said.

Anseman was disqualified from running after a registered voter filed a complaint, questioning just how long Anseman had been practicing law.

“Understand that this is driven by political motivations of my opponents. But I have faith in our courts and I am confident that this mistake will be cured either at the appellate level or up at the Supreme Court,” Anseman said.

However, St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor said he felt the evidence was strong enough and a judge would rule that anseman was not eligible.

“I have not endorsed anyone in this race. I haven’t been involved in this race. So this wasn’t a political action on our part,” Taylor said.

The Anseman hearing will take place at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday in Lake Charles, and KLFY will have updates and reports from the trial.

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