New Iberia is green for St. Patrick’s Day

The City of New Iberia is celebrating St Patrick’s day. This year they turned their fountain green to get into the spirit.

The fountain has been green for almost a week now and is up and running because of a group of men in the community.

“Our organization is called ‘Fir Mairseail Nua Iberia’ which is Gaelic for the Marching Men of New Iberia,” says member Ken Munnerlyn.

These men helped fix the fountain this year and were given the green light to dye it green for St. Paddy’s Day.

“I watched them over the last two or three weeks  putting money and time into this , and that’s what its about, the government plugging in with the community and getting stuff done,” says Mayor Freddie DeCourt.

The Marching Men of New Iberia have been going strong for over 5 years and keeping the Irish tradition alive in New Ibera.

Munnerlyn says “We’re a group of like minded gentlemen who thought that there should be a right and proper celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day.”

You can see these men in the traditional Irish attire leading a march that begins on main street and ends at Mulligan’s Old Irish Pub on Iberia Street.

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