Traveling artist paints 50 foot wide long alligator in New Iberia


An artist from a small town in Vermont is making her mark here in Acadiana.
Mary Lacy is being sponsored by the painting company Benjamin Moore to spread her artwork across the United States.
New Iberia is one of the 10 cities that was picked for her to paint a unique and original mural in.

Lacy says she enjoys drawing nature and animals and chose an alligator which she felt best represented South Louisiana.
Lacy began painting the 50 foot wide and 20 foot tall alligator on a building off of Iberia Street in New Iberia the beginning of March.

Lacy completed the gator Friday afternoon and is on the way to her next stop in El Paso.

Her previous stops were in Chester, Pennsylvania, New York City, Grenville, Mississippi, Greenwood, Mississippi, and Savannah, Georgia.

Her next locations will be up the West Coast and then back home in Vermont.

Each piece takes a little over two weeks to complete.

You can follow her on Instagram: MARY_LACY and Twitter: @MarylacyArtTour



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