Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about mulches. What is it why do you need it? John says a couple of reasons and a couple of different too

That’s right, mainly to keep your moisture there in the area where you plant if it’s around roses, vegetables any of your flowerbeds, controlling weeds—if you put it think enough it will kill weeds. Very good products we have the pine needle mulch is one and then we have the cypress bark that from outside the tree not the inside. The ones they sell at different places from the inside of the tree—its less expense you can buy it $2.99 a bag  or something, this doesn’t go for $2.99 a bag—but this will last you two years when the other one is just one year. It keeps you from redoing it again and again. This is a good one too—this is cedar bark, if people want that color and the more expensive you pay for it the longer the color will stay. The less expensive stuff—it loses it’s color in three months. These are top grade mulches are barks, they work great, they’re going to last you longer and save you time.

Would you use a different kind for a tree at opposed to a bush?

No you can use any of them really. I do love the pine needle mulch but you only get a year out of that one, but I just like it, it breaks up between your soil better. Cypress and cedar take a long time to break up into the soil. For around trees and your flower beds these are top notch products.

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