LPSS announces the opening of the Edward J. Sam Accelerated School

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Parish School District announces the opening of a new school.  The school will be located at the W.D. and Mary Baker Smith Career Center on 18th Street.

The school will be called the Edward J. Sam Accelerated School in Lafayette. The school district says the school is not for students with disciplinary needs.  N.P. Moss Preparatory School will remain open to help students with discipline concerns.

District refers to the new school as an opportunity for older students who need a non-traditional setting to make it to graduation.  Administrators say the school is ideal for students who may have a child and have to juggle childcare and education or a student who has to work.

Jody Duhon, the principal at N.P. Moss School, will be the new principal at the accelerated school. “If you have to work to sustain yourself outside of school that should not be a reason why you cannot complete your high school diploma.  We just want to remove as many obstacles as possible to give students a chance,” adds Duhon.

Duhon says one program that will be taught at the new school will be the “Leader in Me” program. It’s a concept based on the self-help book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”  The coach explains. “It’s perfectly appropriate for the student who is in charge of their own academic outcome to be empowered to lead themselves,” explains Coach Becky Kreamer.

At the accelerated school the study plans will be individually designed, classes smaller, and the school day will start around 10:30a.m.  “If we have a student who must work late into the evening, then he won’t be trying to get up and go to school at seven in the morning,” says Duhon.

Plus, earning a diploma will depend how fast the student progresses through each course. “Our students won’t sit in classrooms from August to May.  It’s completely self-paced; as quickly as you can earn the credits that’s how quickly you will earn them,” says Duhon.

Every student attending will be required to maintain a 90 percent attendance

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