School board to consider moving North Central High fifth-graders to elementary school

LEBEAU, La (KLFY) – In St. Landry Parish Tuesday night, a school board committee will discuss the possibility of moving 5th graders from a high school to an elementary school.

If the board decides on the change, the current 4th graders at Palmetto Elementary School would remain there for 5th grade.

As it stands now, 5th graders attend North Central High School.

St. Landry Parish School’s Superintendent, Patrick Jenkins, says there are two reasons why this would be in the best interest of the students.

“One because it has capacity, two because we want to look at the social/emotional needs of those students,” said Jenkins. “We want to try to give them as many options as possible in terms of their education and we want to also have them in the best setting as possible.”

Palmetto resident, Richard Charles, agrees that moving 5th graders back to an elementary school would be a good idea.

“I think they should be in an elementary school,” said Charles. “I don’t think they should be at a high school with the older kids and the environment at their age.”

“We haven’t had any issues behaviorally or otherwise,” added Jenkins. “North Central is a very capable school as well, academically they’re a C school and working their way up to a B as well, and they’re progressing and doing a great job over there. However, we want to look at the needs of the children first.”

The superintendent says they have about 50 students moving up to the 5th grade.

If the academic committee approves of Superintendent Jenkins proposal then it will go before the full school board at their next meeting on April 6.

If it passes through the board, the student reassignment would go into effect for the next school year.

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