Dial Dalfred – Welsh official speaks out after learning of PD’s separate bank

WELSH, La. (KLFY) – An alderman in the town of welsh is speaking out after learning the police department has an account separate from the town’s general fund; which he says is unethical.

City officials say Monday night’s budget meeting got ugly when Alderman Colby Perry questioned the practices of the Welsh administration.

Perry wrote News 10 in an email that the chief of police, city clerk, and mayor set up an account for fines and citations outside of the town’s general fund.

Perry says they should have known this was not an acceptable practice.

City Clerk Stephanie Benoit tells us, a few years ago, the council voted that any money collected more than the police department budgeted for would be deposited into a separate account, and split 60% for the police and 40% for the town.

The police department’s percentage is to be used for fleet maintenance and equipment for officers.

“The chief can tell us what he wants to spend but, he can’t just write a check. We know what’s coming out of that fund,” Benoit said.

She also says Perry’s questions will not be ignored and more research will go into his claims.

“I’m going to check and see if it’s legal or not. If it’s not, we can fix that,” Benoit said.

The council meets every first Tuesday of the month, meetings are open to the public.

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