State Police identify suspect in officer involved shooting in Abbeville

ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) – State Police have identified the suspect in yesterday’s officer-involved shooting in Abbeville as Clyde Burns, 57.

Master Tropper Brooks David said Burns was shot multiple times by Abbeville Police and was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

State Police did not give an update on the suspect’s current condition.

Louisiana State Police are now over the investigation.

“Detectives are out on the scene and were this morning (Monday), and they’re going to be talking to witnesses and talking to the police officers getting different scenarios and statements of what took place,” said Master Trooper Brooks David.

David said, at this time, it is unknown how many times Burns was shot.

“No, it’s part of the investigation. We’ll see how many rounds were shot at them and how many rounds Mr. burns had fired.”

Residents near East Oak and North Bailey Streets said the shooting started Friday night.

“I heard gun shots almost every hour and I seen a few police pass by and that was it.”

“They had been receiving calls the last couple of days of shots being fired in that area. And the last couple of days they were unable to find the source of those shots being fired.”

Resident Kelly Sounier believes Burns suffers with some form of PTSD.

“They said he was in the military so he was probably having night terrors or something.”

Other residents said they feel the shootout with police could have been avoided.

“When the man was shooting friday, they could have come out Friday and end that, and it didn’t have to be all this killing,” said a resident.

Trooper David said Burns was a threat to police.

“When the patrolman drove up yesterday (Sunday) is when the suspect actually pulled out a weapon and started firing and officers returned fire and struck Mr. Burns.”


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