300 gallons of water/diesel mix from storm drain on Evangeline Throughway

Photo Courtesy: Lafayette Fire Department

UPDATE: The spill has been cleaned up. About 300 gallons of the water/diesel mixture was vacuumed out of the storm drain.

The following is a news release from the Lafayette Fire Department: 

Lafayette Fire Department Hazardous Material Response Team responded to the 1001 NE Evangeline Throughway, Race Trac, at 12:30 pm.

It was reported to 911 by employees working at the site that a large amount of diesel spilled. Once our HazMat Team arrived on scene, it was determined that the diesel entered into a nearby storm drain. The area was secured. HazMat crews contained the spill on the surface.

DEQ was notified about the diesel runoff in the drain. Emergency crews are awaiting a vacuum truck to remove the hazardous material from the drain. It’s unknown the amount of fluid that entered the drain.

LFD HazMat Coordinator, Chad Sonnier, determined that the employees were removing a diesel tank which they assumed was empty. In the process of removing the tank, it’s filled with water. Apparently the tank contained an uncertain amount of diesel. The liquid spilled out and entered the storm drain.

Emergency crews will remain on scene until the contaminants are cleaned up and its rendered safe.

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