Today on your lawn and garden we’re dealing with fire ants, seems like they’re everywhere, but what do you do about them? We have a couple of solutions for you.

We have granular or liquid products. This granular Bug Blaster by Hi-Yield works great if you broadcast the whole yard you’ll get them completely out of your yard—it will last a couple of months. This will cover about 5000 square feet and we have it in larger bags. We also have the liquid products 38 Plus, this urethane product you can spray directly with a sprinkler can or sprayer. Or this liquid right here—it’s the same thing as Bug Blaster but in a liquid if you have a large lawn to do. Put it in a hose and sprayer and spray the whole lawn. People that want to go with a bait we have this Extinguish, very safe, it can actually be used in the house or outside. They bring it up, bring it to the queen and she dies. The worker ants die by themselves without the queen. The main purpose if getting rid of the queen. We also have some products you can put in the vegetable garden. We have things especially for that.

What works fastest or the best?

Well what works fastest is this product right here—Surrender. It kills them but it’s not killing all of them. That’s why if you broadcast the whole yard you get rid of it. If you have a small yard just hit the ant mound.

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