Vegetable Garden

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about the ornamental plants around your house. If you got outside and check them out and say they don’t look too good, it could be greener, maybe more flowers, what can we do John?

Well prevention mainly with the fungicides that we have. They’ll get leaf spot on them, insect’s scales all kind of things. With the climate we have here—the humidity, we have problems. We have a powdered product you mix with water—the dithane, I have the copper which I prefer again, its natural. And for the insects we have this 38 Plus. It can be used on trees, shrubs, just about anything. Also what’s important is the right soil. We have a compost in the back where we dumb it into your pick-up truck by the yard. The product is great we sell a world of it. Plus we have a potting soil at the store it’s called Back-Tow and it is the best soil they have. Well, you see how rich it is? This is broken down from the bogs—peat and stuff like that where it’s broken all the way down to a soil. It has some pearlite in it to keep the drainage good. If you want to fill in a hole in your yard—I know a lot of potting soils, top soils they have mulch in there and you can’t really pack it down, this you can pack. It works great in pots if you want anything like that. Now for the outside like in the vegetable garden or the flower beds this compost right here is a great product it has chicken manure, it has many things in it. Cottonseed meal and it all broken down one hundred percent so you can put it in a pot plant if you want I have it in my vegetable garden that all what I have in here. It works great. Very rich product.

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